Well lot of SEO companies say they can bring traffic to your site but the traffic is just not good enough, you need targeted audience that can be converted into sales. That is what is important for any company is to improve sales. Potential of online-sales is high, as long as you get the right kind of site with right kind of content blended with good customer service.

Providing your customers with your site credibility and interesting facts could be one way to convert sales, however we suggest if you not only provide more information to your customers through informative articles and introducing them to the product such as providing its history or benefits, it gives a sense of security and a reason to buy and keep coming back to the site. The more facts and interesting aspects you tell about the product, the more chances of conversion of sales.

Not only you get conversion of sales but a word of mouth increasing referrals to your site.

On the opposite side, simply by displaying products on your site with no related information or content on the site can result in low conversion rate. It is extremely important to use the right blend of content on your site with benefits of the product establishing credibility and knowledge of your work in the field.