Certain guidelines if followed will help your website get higher rankings, visibility and a certain Return on Investment (ROI). Research about Search Engine Optimization from books, websites and find out from colleagues or friends who depend on websites for business. Hire a consultancy firm that specialized in Search Engine Optimization. You can hire them online and don’t even need to move out of your office. There are firms that offer consultation at competitive rates in order to win customers. Compare prices and the ‘value’ you get out of it. Once the Search Engine Optimization consultants have submitted their report and made expert comments, it is time to work on these recommendations. You can choose to do what suits you financially. Review their comments and suggestions and don’t fail to ask questions. Set realistic expectations as far as Return on Investment is concerned. Set gradual goals – perhaps monthly, quarterly or annual goals is the way to go!

Step 5 Accept the changes the ‘consultant’ makes in your website. They are trying to attract customers and not just please your aesthetic sense! As soon as traffic to your website increases, make sure you have customer service emails set up. Answer all your mails, fax and phone numbers that are listed on the website.