Planning your website designs extremely important, It is just like taking any other important decision in your business. In a nutshell, you carefully look around at competitors, do a market research if required and then hire the best company that suits y’, ‘Planning your website design is extremely important, it is just like taking any other important decision in your business. In a nutshell, you carefully look around at competitors, do a market research if required and then hire the best company that suits your budget and can fulfill your requirements.

In this article, I explain some of the top things to consider when planning a website design, this is from a sky”s point of view so there would be many more custom based changes that you may have to do when it comes to your requirements. As I am explaining some generic things that needs to be considered.

Purpose It is extremely important to note down in one line of what you do, you have less than 5 seconds to communicate to your prospective customer of what you do. It can be through a great intuitive design or one liner. You need to be very clear of the products and services you are going to offer on your site, otherwise you have lost your new prospective client. You should be clear about what you want and you can do so by looking around of what your competitors are doing. Make a plan for future and not a short term site. Pick a vendor who can offer your consultation from every prospective of website design. Do not just go by the cost. With your goal defined, you have done half the job. Jot down few points of what you want, of course this well change as we design the site. But you know what you want.

Prospective Customer You have to make a website keeping in view the prospective customer or audience you are going to target. You have to know who your audience is. Even a generic site has to know who its audience are, so you should know. This is the next most important step in your decision making, creating a specific niche for your product or service. You need to be a step ahead of your customer and build the site in a way that they know that you know what they want. This is the key. Jot down few kinds of customers who would visit your site, write something about them or pick some sites from where your developer can get inspired from.

Creative Content Fresh and valuable creative content is the success for your site. This is aspect when you use your experience, talk about your product, your USP”s, WHY YOU and NOT OTHERS. Internet traffic judges you by the quality of content and how it is represented to them. Your site will gain or lose credibility by its creative content. Offer something which no one can offer or few offer. Give personalization to the customer, offer reviews of what others are saying, talk about something that changed the history of your product or service. Give something to the customer to talk about. Your content writer has to write creative content and not just content. Here at we work on content placements, design of content organize chunks of content in the right places among others.

Content has to be sharp, to the point and grab your customer attention straight away. A simple tip, use Active voice and words such as FREE, LIMITED OFFER, SALE and REQUEST NOW. Something that is interactive and you will see the results yourself. This is also dependent on your budget, but I would say initially write something by yourself before you get professional editing for it.

WWW Standards You like a design and implement is not going to work, you need to work with the web standards of what users are used to. A great design but not a user friendly navigation system can lead to failure. A simple design and great content is success. You can see, you know what it does, you do what you came there for. There are many other examples where sites are intuitive and action based.

Design: Think as a customer of what you want to see when you visit your own site, use dummy boards to chuck dow of what you want. Note your website design has to blend with the content so be reasonable with your own expectations. Your web design company will assist you in story boarding your site or might even create sample templates to work with. A final note, a website will never satisfy you or your consumer, as the demands are increasing day by day with introduction of new technologies and requirement of search engine listings. So create a professional look of what you think is best and take some professional assistance to build it for you, spend less on development and more on marketing. ‘Plan your website design|Web design’, ‘Plan your website design | Web design | Website design’, ‘Planning your website design is extremely important, it is just like taking any other important decision in your business’, ‘Planning your website, Website promotional tactics, Promoting your website,Website, Web Design, Web Designing India, Web Application Development, website design India, website design, web design, web design India, web design company, web design firms, website design company India,website development,web development India,professional website design,professional web development,professional web development firms,eCommerce website design India, eCommerce web site development India, India web development service, offshore outsourcing website development India, affordable professional web design, affordable website design development, affordable web design services India, affordable eCommerce website design India,offshore web design company, web development company, web site design development, custom website design services, website graphic design company, corporate web design company India, web page design, web application development, outsource website India development, outsourcing web development India’